TrendMicro Activate - Activate your antivirus now

Steps involved in trend micro activation


The first step in order to install trend micro activation code on your computer is to visit the Trend Micro website and search for the setup file link.

setup file

Once you have found the setup file link. Just click on the link and download the setup file on your computer.

Start the
installation process

In the very next step you have to run the setup file that you downloaded on your device. Once you click on it, the installation will start on your computer.

Enter the trend micro activation code

Once prompted by the program, the next step is to enter the activation code that you found at the back of your retail card. Enter the 20 digits activation code and press next once done.

Click on

In the last, you just have to click on the finish button once all the required files needed to run TrendMicro are installed on your computer.

Common Problems that customers face while trend micro activation are listed below:

  • Wrong activation key

    you encounter this issue when the activation key you enter is not correct.

  • Existing programs hinder installation process

    Sometimes your pre-installed computer programs can also hinder the activation process on your computer.

  • Insufficient disk space

    Another issue that you may face is insufficient disk space. If you don't have sufficient disk space on your device, you won't be able to install trendmicro.

  • Internet connectivity issues while activating trend micro antivirus

    An unstable internet connection can also affect the installation process.

  • Existing antivirus programs

    Old antivirus programs may cause a problem while trendmicro activation process.