Install trend micro activation code

Install trend micro activation code steps, and initial requirements are as follows.

Pre-requisite Requirements to install trend micro activation code

Uninstall any other antivirus

If you have any other antivirus installed on your computer. It is advised to delete it from the computer as it tends to slow the computer speed.

Stable internet connection

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection as it is required to download the setup file from the trend micro website.

Activation code

Before you start with the installation process of the trend micro activation code, you need to check the trend micro activation code that you received while buying it.
The trend micro activation code is present at the backside of your retail card. Its a 2o digit key code written in the following alphanumeric digits pattern (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)

Once you are done with the above pre-requisite, just follow the below steps to install trend micro with activation code.


The first step to install a trend micro activation code on your computer is to visit the Trend Micro website and search for the setup file link.

Download setup file

Once you have found the setup file link. Just click on the link and download the setup file on your computer.

Start the installation process

The next step is to double click on the setup file that you have just downloaded. The installation will start on your computer after this step.

Enter the install trend micro activation code

Once prompted by the program, the next step is to enter the activation code that you found at the back of your retail card. Enter the 20 digits install trend micro activation code and press next once done.

Click on finish

The last step is to click on the finish button, once all the files required to run trend micro are successfully extracted on your computer.

If you still face any problem with the above steps, you can contact our trend micro executive to guide you with the install trend micro activation code process. Our executive makes sure that the antivirus is successfully installed on your computer.