Trend Micro internet security activation

trend micro internet security activation on your computer?

Visit TrendMicro website

The first step is to visit the trend micro website and search for the trend micro internet security setup file.

Download and install Setup file

The next step is to download trend micro internet security activation file and execute installation process on your computer.

Please Fill in all the information Below:

Enter activation key

Next step is to enter the license key that you receive while purchasing trend micro internet security activation.
You may find activation key at the back of your retail card if you bought it from a store or in the email if you purchased it online. Its a 20 digit activation key to activate trend micro internet security.

Click finish

Once done click finish button to activate.

What are the license options available for trend micro internet security activation?

License options available for Trend micro internet security activation

  • One-year license for one computer
  • One-year license for three computer
  • Two-year license for three computer
  • Three-year license for three computer

What are the benefits of trend micro internet security activation on your computer?

Benefits of trend micro internet security activation are listed below

Online privacy protection

The first and the topmost benefit of trend micro internet security on your computer is that it protects your privacy. These days lot of hackers try to steal your information either with the help of phishing websites or malware. Trend Micro protects your privacy from these cyber attacks.

Computer and data protection

Another benefit of having trend micro internet security activated on your computer is that it protects your computer as well as your important data.

Online family protection

It also protects your family privacy when they go online and surf the internet. Cyberbullying is becoming a big problem these days for society. Trend micro internet security protects your family privacy and saves them from cyberbullying.

Protects from data theft

It protects your valuable data from being stolen. There are a lot of hackers present online that try to steal your personal information. It may consist of your bank account details, credit card details etc. Activating Trend micro internet security creates an invisible shield for your computer and protects it from data theft.